Retro Rosanna Glo - LED Light Up High Heel Clear Stiletto With Roses

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Our Retro Rosanna Glo LED light up crystal clear stiletto heels with rose platforms are a must have for any high heel and light lover! Your shoe wardrobe will never be complete without these vintage style throwback heels in them. These shoes all flash white light as the primary color when you walk. The color you select will be the color of the roses in the platform, and the color of the top sole (as pictured).     

The clear strap across the toe and buckle strap around the ankle provide extra support and comfort. Add in the square block retro style heel, and what’s not love?  The LED white lights will only flash when walking, and stop flashing when standing still to conserve the battery.


  • DESIGN: Retro style crystal clear platform stiletto block heels that feature a clear strap harnessing the top of the foot and toe section. Along with a clear buckle strap around the ankle for extra support. These heels are sturdy, durable, and are built to last with and without the flash. 
    • SIZE: Women's shoe sizes listed are true to size, no need to size up/down. 
      • Heel Height: 5.5 inches
      • Platform Height: 1.5 inches 
    • COLOR: These shoes will flash white light as the primary color. The color you select is for the roses and the sole of the heel. Please note, these shoes do not have a solid light feature, and only flash light as you move.  
    • MATERIAL: Sole and upper material are plastic PVC. Rubber straps. 
    • COMFORT: We are professional high heel wearers, we live for the strut, and even though the platform on these heels are tall, they are extremely comfortable. The clear strap does not abrade the skin and these are truly made for longevity wearing (if you're a pro like us).    
    • LIFESPAN:  Will last 10,000 flashes and roughly 6-12+ months, depending on usage. Once these heels have reached the end of their light lifespan, they will be a great pair of crystal clear stilettos with roses in the platform! 
    • BATTERY/FLASH: Superior design with batteries built directly into the shoe. Heels will only flash as you are in motion, and will not flash when at a standstill in order to  conserve the battery. The heels are not rechargeable.  
    • WATERPROOF: Yes, but in order to preserve them we do not recommend wearing these in the rain or snow. 
    • AS PICTURED: These heels look identical to the photos provided.   You will be able to see lighting mechanism features at the bottom of the shoe, but we promise no one will notice as you're lighting the way.
    • WARNING: These heels are definitely on the higher side, so if you're not comfortable walking in high heels, these are not the shoes for you. However, we do offer Glo Wedge Shoes or Sneakers that are much easier to navigate in. 


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